Jacob Madani creates high quality leather shoes and accessories that are defined by a modern style with classic lines.

Handcrafted Leather Shoes

Our expertise in leather craftsmanship comes from skills passed on from one generation to the other. By carefully selecting high quality leather and taking the time to craft each piece with specific techniques, the label ensures to offer durable and perfectly fitted shoes to clients.

Timeless & Exquisite Designs

Inspired by classic lines and made with both traditional and innovative techniques, each creation is conceived to stand the test of time. Close attention is paid to designing sophisticated and elegant pieces that are forever fashionable. With every design, Jacob Madani strives for excellence and timelessness.

Tailored Experience

Offering a unique tailored experience sets Jacob Madani apart. From creating bespoke pieces to proposing a personalized experience during our appointments, the client is at the heart of everything Jacob Madani accomplishes. Our showroom is designed to awake all the senses and match your desires while discovering the
exclusive range of styles and leather.