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Two different types of appointments are offered at Jacob Madani – both exclusive and private.


The Made-to-Order appointment is tailored for selecting a piece from our existing designs and to customize it. During this exclusive moment, the client discovers materials, colors, styles, and hardware and has the opportunity to try on the ready-made shoes. Selecting the elements that are suited to one's personality is a unique journey Jacob Madani accompanies the client on. To make this experience relaxing and enjoyable, refreshments and drinks are offered. For a last touch of personalization, laser engraving of initials or a message can be added to shoes and leather accessories.


The Bespoke appointment serves to select the design, materials, and style of an entirely custom-made shoe while enjoying a drink. Bespoke shoes are custom-made shoes according to the customer's measurements thanks to the latest 3D scanning technology. Measurements are used to make a last that serves as a base for the creation of the shoe. Patterns of the selected design are made on the last and a trial shoe is produced. A fitting appointment is then scheduled with the client for any eventual changes. Once the trial shoe is approved, the making of the final creation can begin.

Jacob Madani is unique as it keeps all the lasts of its clients for future orders. Clients that have ordered a Bespoke pair of shoes, can book a Made-to-Order appointment to choose any of our unique designs and create a piece using the existing last.

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