About Us

Jacob Madani is a family-owned brand crafting luxury footwear and leather accessories for men and women. Designed & handcrafted in Los Angeles, each piece reflects the highest standards of quality and a unique timeless design.


Armenian shoe-making know-how heritage and Italian spirit are at the heart of Jacob Madani.

The story began with the founder’s grandfather, an expert shoemaker devoted to his craft and excellence. At that time, Armenia was under the control of the Soviet Union and people had to work only for the government’s industries. However, driven by a fascination for beauty and luxury, he decided to secretly create hand-crafted shoes in his home for exclusive individuals, leading him to be jailed for two years. Nonetheless, he continued his creations and transmitted his know-how to his son, Jacob.

This heritage roots innovation, progress, and individuality at the heart of our values and family, and craftsmanship.

Today, the family-owned brand infuses its unique history and values into each detail of the carefully crafted creations.


Our identity is about bridging traditional craftsmanship with new innovative technologies. Son of an expert shoe-maker, the founder of Jacob Madani has learned his craft at a very young age and developed unparalleled manual skills. Currently working in the workshop, he makes sure to transmit his technical knowledge to each artisan, thus perpetuating his unique know-how. Every single creation from Jacob Madani is crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail. In a continuous pursuit of improvement, our brand strives for innovation. The Californian spirit of progress led us to use new technologies for additional precision in measurement taking. At Jacob Madani, the knowledge of the artisan’s hands comes together with technological innovation to create durable objects that last a lifetime.


Selecting the best quality materials is a principle Jacob Madani doesn’t compromise on. For this reason, the majority of the leather is sourced in Italy and the rest from France. Thanks to subtle expertise in leather, the collections have expanded from footwear and include accessories such as belts and watch straps.