From exquisite leather to eye-catching hardware, the materials we use for our
one-of-a-kind creations are of the finest quality. For this reason, they require specific care to make them last a lifetime and keep their beautiful look.

Leather is a natural skin material that can be very strong as well as extremely sensitive. Just like human beings, leather reacts to its surroundings and its aspect evolves with time.

To take care and sustain your leather pieces, it is advised to regularly clean the dust with a soft brush or cloth.

Leather needs to be protected from harming weather conditions like rain, intense humidity and heat.

To avoid stains from water, it is recommended to make it waterproof with special products, but this depends on the type of material. We recommend to contact us to know if your creation can be waterproofed and what product to use.

For other types of stains, like oil, ink, alcohol, perfume or contact with dark textiles, it is highly recommended to avoid encountering them as they will leave permanent traces.

Similarly to skin, leather also reacts to light. Thus, a long exposure to sun can result in color variation. To ensure it keeps its original nuance, your piece should be stored correctly when not worn.

Each Jacob Madani piece comes with its exclusive packaging and a dust bag aimed at protecting the leather from what may damage it.

It should be stored with zippers closed in its original box and placed in a dry and temperate environment.

Finally, if extra care needs to be done, our devoted team of experts is always delighted to help. In case of doubts, please send us your questions and we will offer our best advice to make your unique Jacob Madani creation last a lifetime.